A new and hopefully exciting year has begun. For Swaying Wires this means that there are more shows to be played and new songs to be written. Swaying Wires took a huge leap forward last year, which brought many positive things and pleasant surprises. We recorded some songs and got to play a few shows. It was interesting having people respond to our music and evaluate us. The feedback we received was beyond encouraging. Just before Christmas we played a show in Tampere, at a place called O’Hara’s. This was a warm and inviting place where they didn’t play one song I didn’t like. We waited around for a few hours and enjoyed the free beer until it was time to play, in front of a small audience of which the majority were friends of ours. There was a raging snow storm outside all night so I blame the weather for keeping the rest of Swaying Wires’ hardcore supporters at home. I know you’re out there. All in all the gig went well. Although I somehow managed to get my hand slammed in the toilet door an hour before we were to play, I think it went okay on my part as well. What are the odds, I hear you ask. Well, in my case fairly high it seems. Thankfully I managed to get the feeling back in my fingers before it was time to play. Of all the things that could’ve gone wrong, somehow I didn’t see that one coming.This was the first show with our new drummer, Jussi Virkkumaa. He came into the picture in November and made everything fall into place. Jussi is a brilliant drummer with a sense of music that cannot be taught. It is an honor and a privilege to have him as a member.Right now we’re preparing for our next show, which will be in Helsinki at Korjaamo on February 15th. Hope to see you there./Tina

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