Hello comrades,

There is both good and bad news on the Swaying Wires front. One piece of good news is that we have some concert dates in our calendar. The less good news is that we don’t have a drummer at the moment. Our now former drummer, the magnificent Timo Harju, will unfortunately not be playing with Swaying Wires in the future. He helped this band get on its feet and we’re lucky that we got to borrow him for a while. However, we have found a possible candidate to fill his shoes and hopefully Swaying Wires will soon be a four piece again.

I’m really proud of this band. In a way, Swaying Wires has always been. It just took a very long time for it to come alive. Thankfully the right people came along and made it so. Everything I do pertains to Swaying Wires, it’s everything I am and all I’m not. It’s a process that will never cease to expand and grow. It’s a family and a home, a way to live. But the goal is not simply self-preservation, it’s creating something that means something to someone.Hopefully we will succeed in doing so.


17.12.2011 O’Hara’s, Tampere

15.02.2012 Korjaamo, Helsinki


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